Defibrillators and CPR: Saving Even More Lives in 2011

R Series ALS

Jan. 4, 2011 -  The ZOLL R Series® was featured in the December issue of DOTMed Business News in the article, “Defibrillator Sector Charges Ahead: Devlopments Could help Save Even More Lives," which explores developments in resuscitation and CPR.  New changes in the American Heart Association Guidelines prioritize chest compressions in CPR. Defibrillators need to walk rescuers through the entire CPR process, not just provide a shock, and ZOLL defibrillators have been in the forefront of providing audio and visual feedback for CPR. In addition, greater defibrillator access is having a big impact on bystanders and lay rescuers being able to save the lives of victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).   

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