R Series Plus defibrillator/monitor

Simplicity, Speed, Connectivity

Early defibrillation is critical to resuscitation success. If a shock is delayed because the frontline staff is uncomfortable delivering one, the patient's outcome could suffer. The ZOLL® R Series® Plus defibrillator/monitor helps eliminate delays by matching device functionality to the needs of your responders – providing simplicity without compromising effectiveness or capability.

  • For BLS users: When R Series Plus is powered on, the device places the user immediately into an AED mode. It analyzes the patient's heart rhythm, advises if a shock is needed, and provides Real CPR Help® to guide users in delivering high-quality CPR.
  • For ALS users: With the push of a button, R Series Plus converts to a full-featured ALS defibrillator, providing all the tools a code blue team will need, including manual defibrillation and pacing, while continuing to provide the CPR support ZOLL is known for.

With the push of a button, R Series Plus becomes a full-featured ALS defibrillator for advanced users.

Comprehensive code support:

  • Real CPR Help coaches responders to the correct depth, rate, and release
  • Robust data analytics to make actionable code response improvements with RescueNet® CaseReview
  • Cost-effective, worry-free device management with RescueNet Device Dashboard
  • Pediatric patient support with pediatric analysis algorithm and CPR feedback

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