Hall Ambulance Places 80 AutoPulse Devices into Service in Kern County, California

Bakersfield, Calif. — Now that Hall Ambulance Service, Inc., has placed 80 AutoPulse® Resuscitation System units into service in Kern County, California — and trained more than 600 paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, and critical care RNs to use the automated CPR devices — the county’s 800,000 residents have a better chance of surviving sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Unlike manual CPR, which is difficult to perform, the AutoPulse units deliver consistent high-quality chest compressions. This helps improve blood flow to the heart and brain during SCA. Compared with manual CPR, AutoPulse has been shown to reduce interruptions during transport by more than 85% and can be applied in as little as 14 seconds.1

Matthew Wackt

The AutoPulse Resuscitation System excels at delivering high-quality CPR without interruption. Designed for patient movement and transport, AutoPulse ensures patients receive nonstop compressions throughout their pre-hospital transport, even at the multiple angles required for rescuers to move the patient.

Another benefit to area residents is the amicable relationship between private Hall Ambulance and Bakersfield City and Kern County Fire Departments, which ultimately results in better patient care.

“We wanted to bring in the city and county fire departments so that we have a cohesive team as we work together on scene of a cardiac arrest,” said Chris Leone, manager of Hall Critical Care Transport.

“To have that continuous high-performance CPR and this joint training is critical for the simple fact that this is just better for the citizens of Bakersfield and the citizens of Kern County,” said Chief Anthony Galagaza of Bakersfield Fire.

Kern County Chief David Witt echoed the sentiment: “It’s a great opportunity to be a part of assisting with the technology — technology for the future.”

In all, implementation of the AutoPulse Resuscitation System is a tribute to the legacy of the late founder of Hall Ambulance, Harvey Hall, who believed in patient enhancement and whose ideals were care, compassion, and community.

1Lyon RM, et al. Resuscitation. 2015;93:102–106.