ResQSystem™ Solutions

Time is of the essence

Unexpected medical emergencies happen without warning of type, time, or location. Many become life threatening in the 7 to 14 minutes it takes for EMS to arrive.1 A victim's best chance of survival depends on early bystander intervention. By preparing in advance, safety leaders, community members, employees and educators can help save lives.

Time to fatality

One location. One set of equipment.

Prepare to respond to many types of emergencies with a centrally located, easily accessible set of rescue equipment that can make the difference between life and death. ZOLL ResQSystem™ is the only complete solution that offers quick aid in nearly all workplace, community, and school-based injuries and emergencies. It's a valuable combination of a ZOLL® AED and a Mobilize™ trauma kit. Both feature our unique, best-in-class technology and real-time interactive instructions to support rescuers when time is of the essence.

By adding Rescue Ready® Services robust program management, you'll have confidence your equipment and responders will always be ready to help save lives.

  • Comprehensive: An extensive set of high-quality medical supplies and best-in-class technology that provide real-time, interactive instructions to enable bystanders to treat a wide range of medical conditions.
  • Customizable: Multiple product and service configurations let you customize a ResQSystem solution of equipment, software, support and services that meets your organizational needs.
  • Rescue Ready: Confidence you have the tools, technology, and support to ensure your organization, responders, and devices are ready when needed most.

Equip. Empower. Respond.

No matter what the situation, the ResQSystem can help save lives. This integrated suite of emergency assistance products is designed to give unexpected heroes the confidence to respond. Whether using an AED for the first time, administering CPR, or treating a life-threatening injury, your community can have peace of mind that it's prepared with a ResQSystem solution — all in one easily accessible location — to help a victim in need.

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