AED Plus for Hospitals

The AED Plus® automated defibrillator is simple to use. Its audio and visual prompts help BLS-trained responders rescue sudden cardiac arrest patients with confidence and clarity.

Supporting every rescue with advanced technology, including:

  • Five-year battery and electrodes for fewer replacements, improved readiness, and the benefit of a low total cost of ownership
  • CPR-D-padz®  or CPR Stat-padz® for adult patients; Pedi-padz® II for pediatric patients

AED Plus Hospital

ZOLL® AEDs can help ensure a fast response time — no matter where the cardiac arrest occurs.

AED Plus supports all rescuers with:

  • Real CPR Help® technology, providing real-time feedback on rate and depth of chest compressions and supporting rescuers with integrated text, voice, and visual prompts
  • Voice prompts, such as “Push Harder” and “Good Compressions,” helping to guide the rescuer during CPR 

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