Thermogard HQ Platform

The Thermogard HQ™ Platform* offers the simplicity of multiple cooling therapies in one, simple-to-use platform. With Thermogard HQ, you can manage core temperature via intravascular catheters or surface temperature using a gel- and adhesive-free pad.

Thermogard HQ streamlines high-quality temperature management with enhanced data insights and improved setup features. ZOLL's patented variety of catheters can double as a standard central venous catheter (CVC), while ZOLL’s STx surface pad offers ease of initiation and extended fever control.

The data display has a user-friendly interface designed for at-a-glance insights to support rapid patient assessment.

* Contact your local representative for availability in your region. Available in the U.S. market only.

Thermogard HQ Platform, with closed-loop intravascular and surface cooling, streamlines the path to high-quality temperature management with speed, precision, nursing efficiencies, and clinical insight.

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