RescueNet CaseReview for EMS & Fire

QA/QI the Way You Imagined It

Gone are the days of chasing crews to get case files. RescueNet® CaseReview simplifies collecting case files. With the push of a button, medics now directly send X Series® or AED 3 BLS® files to your system. With RescueNet CaseReview, access to case files is as fast as opening your web browser.

Immediate. Intuitive. Inclusive.

RescueNet CaseReview provides the tools to advance your QI program to a true continuous quality improvement program.

RescueNet CaseReview presents CPR quality and all of the clinical data your device has captured in an intuitive, colorful graphic display. Essential CPR quality metrics from ZOLL® Real CPR Help® technology include rate and depth of each compression, chest compression release velocity, and timing of compression pauses, including how long they lasted.

It’s not all about the singular case. It’s about the way your service performs over time, how you track performance, and how you improve outcomes based on aggregated data.

RescueNet CaseReview is accessible from any web-enabled device – no need for a unique network configuration, a special computer, or an IT specialist to access or set up the robust features.

A service’s secure account can be accessed anywhere, anytime with a internet connection.



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