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Unexpected medical emergencies happen all the time, often becoming fatal during the 7 to 14 minutes it can take for an ambulance to arrive.1 A victim’s best chance of survival depends on early bystander intervention. Is your organization prepared with equipment and training to help manage these incidents before EMS arrives?

Every second counts

Preparing for cardiac emergencies, traumatic injuries, and other life-threatening medical issues is critical for safety leaders across industries. ZOLL® offers bystanders the equipment and guidance they need to manage a variety of medical emergencies and the support and service to ensure equipment and responders are Rescue Ready®.

ZOLL AEDs support rescuers in performing high-quality CPR compressions through integrated, real-time feedback technology and will deliver a defibrillating shock to a sudden cardiac arrest victim, if needed.

Mobilize™ interactive trauma kits provide a comprehensive set of medical supplies paired with an intuitive instructional app to guide users in assessing, monitoring, and managing critical injuries before EMS arrives.

Rescue Ready Services offerings include software, service, maintenance, and training options to help you manage your safety program and ensure that your equipment and responders are always prepared for an emergency.

Advocate for safety. Make certain that everyone in your organization, community, school, or workplace is prepared to help save lives with a complete ZOLL ResQSystem™ solution.

1 Mell HK, et al. [Editorial]. JAMA Surg. 2017;152:983–984.

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