CPR Dashboard

Unique to ZOLL, CPR Dashboard™ provides rescuers with detailed real-time visual feedback on CPR quality. The rate, depth, and release of each compression is captured with a sensor, which is built into ZOLL’s family of CPR electrodes. Using Real CPR Help® technology, all of this information is clearly displayed in real time on the dashboard. CPR Dashboard is available on the R Series® and X Series® Monitor/Defibrillators. 

CPR Feedback
On the R Series, if the rate or depth is not within Guidelines recommendations, that value will be backlit on the CPR Dashboard in yellow.

CPR Dashboard - X SeriesCPR idle timer X Series

On the X Series, the rate and depth will be displayed in green on the CPR Dashboard if they are within Guidelines recommendations, and will turn yellow if they are outside these values.

CPR Dashboard provides:

  • A numeric display of the depth and rate of compressions. 
  • A compression release indicator. When the bar is full, you know you have come completely off the chest to allow for full recoil.
  • A diamond-shaped Perfusion Performance Indicator, or PPI, that lets you know both depth and rate of compressions are within current Guidelines. The goal is to keep the diamond “full.” The PPI is also an excellent reminder of the detrimental impact of pausing: as soon as you stop compressions, the shape quickly empties.
  • A CPR idle timer so you know how long the patient has been without blood flow. The idle timer starts after 3 seconds without compressions. 
Idle timer

After 3 seconds without compressions, an idle timer is displayed on the CPR Dashboard.

CPR Dashboard is driving high-quality CPR by taking the guesswork out of resuscitation.