Rescue Ready Services

Lifesaving rescue equipment must be ready the moment it’s needed. That means ensuring your AED is in working order, your trauma kit is fully stocked, your employees are trained to respond, and your organization is compliant with state regulations. With ZOLL Rescue Ready® Services, you’re immediately alerted when your rescue equipment or any other aspect of your program requires attention. Tap into our comprehensive offering of software, services, and training to ensure you’re ready to help save lives. 

Customizable Program Management

Whether you need help managing your own AED program or need a dedicated team to support multiple AED devices and trauma kits across locations, Rescue Ready Services from ZOLL® offers a robust program to fit your needs. PlusTrac® program management software powers all service offerings, so no matter what level of service you choose, you get a flexible, interactive, web-based platform that is cost effective and reliable.

Studies have shown that well-implemented AED programs can significantly improve survival rates.1


This scalable, user-friendly, cloud-based software platform ensures your AED program is compliant and your medical equipment is always ready to use.

  • Stay abreast of state and local regulations
  • Monitor responder training and certifications
  • Track consumable expiration dates
  • Receive automated product alerts
  • Maintain AED program compliance
  • Receive post-event support and reporting

Rescue Ready Services offers exceptional software support, service and maintenance, and training classes to help you manage your compliant, life-saving rescue program.

PlusTrac simplifies program management for even the most complex organizations, providing peace of mind that your equipment is Rescue Ready.


Our national network of experienced, certified service providers offers:

  • On-site service and maintenance
  • Annual inspections
  • Device troubleshooting
  • Replacement of expired batteries and electrodes*
  • Post-event services 

*Available with PlusCare Advanced package only


Let our PlusCare team take care of your equipment and post-event reporting so you can focus on other important matters.


Flexible AED, CPR, and first aid classes are offered in small-group settings.

  • Instructors are nationally accredited professionals.
  • Classes are offered on-site at your location.
  • Blended (on-site and online) training experiences meet your staff and volunteer needs.
  • A wide range of classes — from CPR/AED/first aid certification to bloodborne pathogens training — are available.


With PlusLearning, your volunteer responders will gain the competence and confidence needed to save a life.

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1 Drezner JA, et al. Br J Sports Med. 2013;47:1179–1183.