Comprehensive Core and Surface
Targeted Temperature Management Solutions

Precise, protocol-driven temperature control delivered with ease and comfort is critical for optimal patient care of the severely ill and injured.

Clinicians whose institutional protocols prescribe therapeutic hypothermia to normothermia can find comprehensive solutions in ZOLL’s versatile portfolio of intravascular and surface temperature management, suitable for all clinical settings and patient needs.

Because patients, clinical scenarios, and protocols differ, your choice of target temperature and modality should be driven by each patient’s unique situation. ZOLL® understands your need for a wide range of options, and we have your solution.

The Thermogard Platform

The centerpiece of the Thermogard Temperature Management System is the all-in-one Thermogard Platform. It offers flexibility, ease of use, and precise cooling options. This versatile delivery platform enables closed-loop control of either core or surface temperature. There are options to treat multiple severity levels across the continuum of care via one single system with an intuitive user interface for nursing efficiency. Get the precision you expect from core cooling and the ease of initiation that comes with surface cooling, all in one system.

Learn more about the Thermogard HQ and XP Platforms.

Catheter Family

ZOLL combines precise temperature management with the critical care functions of a standard central venous catheter (CVC).

ZOLL’s family of intravascular catheters replaces the standard CVC at the start of therapy, promoting fast, accurate, and continuous temperature management, and reducing the need for additional staff for patient or pad management. In a clinical study, ZOLL intravascular temperature management reduced nursing workload by 74%.1

STx Surface Pad

ZOLL STx™ Surface Pads offer a gel- and adhesive-free option for cooling and warming patients. By connecting STx pads to the Thermogard Platform, you get adjustable and effective surface temperature control that is easy to apply across the continuum of care.*

IQool™ Advanced Surface Temperature Management System

The IQool System pairs a simple, easy-to-use console with the new standard in high-quality surface TTM: soft, non-adhesive silicone pads that allow for quick, easy skin checks. A closed-loop system, IQool provides clinicians with internal temperature feedback and incorporates a bacteriostatic coolant.

Pre-filled, skin-friendly IQool pads let you initiate therapy more quickly and do not need to be purged when disconnected. The system features intuitive interface graphics and offers downloadable case data.

*Indications: For patient temperature management by trained healthcare professionals only. STx Surface Pads are intended for use with the Thermogard Platform in conjunction with the Surface Start-Up Kit. For complete list of indications, contraindications, warnings, cautions, and additional information, refer to the Surface Start-Up Kit Instructions for Use.
The IQool™ System is for use as indicated and only by trained healthcare professionals. Only IQool System Pads and accompanying neoprene insulation wraps are only for use with the IQool System.
1 Deye N, et al. Circulation. 2015;132:182–93.