Important information for all U.S. AED and professional defibrillator users

All AEDs and professional defibrillators must be FDA-approved under the premarket approval (PMA) regulation.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notified all AED and professional defibrillator owners, users, and prescribers that effective February 3, 2022, accessories for non-FDA approved AEDs and professional defibrillators will no longer be supported by the manufacturer.

This regulation will impact ZOLL® M Series® and E Series® monitor/defibrillator customers: In accordance with the FDA requirement, accessories (including, but not limited to, batteries, cables, hardware, and therapy electrodes) and service will no longer be available for these devices effective February 3, 2022. ZOLL will continue to support these legacy devices as parts availability allows. Procurement of replacement parts is limited and as a result this may affect product service offerings. In accordance with previous announcements, the M Series replacement battery and EtCO2 sensor are no longer being manufactured.

FDA Premarket Approval (PMA) Regulations

What action should you take?

  1. Take inventory of your AEDs and professional defibrillators and check them against the FDA-approved devices list.
  2. If any of your devices are not included on the FDA-Approved devices list, contact us for information about how you can transition to FDA-approved devices.

We remain focused on improving patient outcomes with innovative technology for resuscitation and acute critical care and maintain rigorous adherence to regulatory compliance programs.

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