The ZOLL AED 3® BLS defibrillator provides high-quality rescue support for both adult and pediatric sudden cardiac arrest victims.

Designed for professional rescuers

Designed for professional rescuers, the ZOLL AED 3 BLS defibrillator provides in-depth rescue support for both adult and child victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

ZOLL AEDs set the benchmark for reliability and dependability, empowering rescuers around the world to help save lives.

Real CPR Help

The ZOLL AED 3 BLS defibrillator provides Real CPR Help®, which helps providers deliver high-quality CPR by providing audio feedback and displaying the actual depth and rate of each compression on the CPR Dashboard.

The CPR Dashboard also shows elapsed time, CPR cycle countdown, and shocks delivered. Real-time CPR feedback visibly and audibly indicates when rescuers are administering high-quality CPR.

“ZOLL defibrillators equipped with Real CPR Help — providing real-time feedback for depth and rate of the chest compressions — combined with training more than doubled the chance of survival from cardiac arrest.”
-Bobrow B, et al. Annals of Emergency Medicine. July 2013; 62(1): 47-56. 31

Integrated pediatric rescue

The ZOLL AED 3 BLS defibrillator's Child Mode setting and electrodes* designed for pediatrics make pediatric rescues easier.

ZOLL’s pediatric-specific algorithm analyzes and delivers child-appropriate therapy without the use of an attenuator.

*US: Pedi-padz
International: Unipadz


The ZOLL AED 3 BLS defibrillator’s 8-second pre-shock pause between compression cycles is among the shortest in the industry, making the device one of the fastest at delivering a shock. Minimizing pauses enables continuous lifesaving CPR, improves CPR quality, and can improve patient outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest.

Rugged design – built to handle extreme environments

The ZOLL AED 3 BLS defibrillator is designed to withstand the extreme environments in which professional rescuers often work. With an IP (ingress protection) rating of 55 and a 1-meter drop test rating, the ZOLL AED 3 BLS is highly impervious to moisture, dust, and rough handling.

Low total cost of ownership

ZOLL AED 3 BLS includes a battery with a five-year shelf life and offers an eight-year device warranty. The standard warranty for a ZOLL AED 3 BLS defibrillator is six years from the original ZOLL shipment date. Completing the registration form (serial number required) for your device extends the standard warranty from six to eight years at no additional cost, resulting in fewer replacements, improved readiness, and a low total cost of ownership.

WiFi connectivity to RescueNet CaseReview enables you to review the details of a sudden cardiac arrest, along with the care provided, while the details are still fresh.

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