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Public Access Defibrillation

Designed with lay rescuers in mind, ZOLL® AEDs combine advanced CPR feedback technology, ease of use, and reliability to support you throughout the rescue. Research shows that real-time CPR feedback, along with training, more than doubles cardiac arrest survival rates.1 All of our AEDs support AHA and ERC guidelines for high-quality CPR. Choose a best-in-class AED from ZOLL and have confidence that you are ready for the rescue.
AED Plus

AED Plus

The ZOLL AED Plus® defibrillator with Real CPR Help® technology helps rescuers provide high-quality CPR and will deliver a shock if needed. Real-time CPR feedback on compression rate and depth gives lay rescuers confidence and clarity throughout the rescue.


Program Management

Your AED needs to be ready the day you need it, not just the day you buy it. PlusTrac™ AED program management software helps you track and manage consumable items such as pads and batteries, monitors the certification expiration dates of volunteer responders, and keeps track of your compliance with local AED regulations.