AutoPulse NXT

The AutoPulse® NXT Resuscitation System provides stability and maneuverability, supporting both the patient and provider from the field to the hospital. With a low profile, lighter weight, and a smaller board, the AutoPulse NXT automated CPR device is easy to carry and can be stored upright or flat for quick access. In addition to being lighter, the balanced weight of AutoPulse NXT makes it easy to bring this lifesaving equipment to the scene of a cardiac arrest.

Improved Design, Same Great Clinical Outcomes

The next generation AutoPulse Resuscitation System combines the proven clinical performance of the AutoPulse with improved user experience for more effective patient care.

Made for Resuscitation on the Move™

Following deployment of the device, the AutoPulse NXT Quick Case™ Carry Sheet is designed for patient transport. It provides flexibility, whether going down steep stairs, around tight corners, or into a cramped elevator. Quick Case is easy to clean for subsequent use.

If return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) occurs, patients may remain on the board, allowing for immediate delivery of CPR in case of another arrest.