Empowering Communities — How the Mobilize™ Trauma Kits Benefit Safety Leaders

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Trauma is the #1 cause of death for people ages 1–46 and accounts for 30% of all lives lost in the U.S.1

Accidents, medical incidents, and acts of violence can occur without notice, and safety leaders need to be prepared for the unpredictable. Mobilize™ trauma kits are a set of interactive trauma and medical emergency kits designed to assist safety leaders in empowering their communities to help victims during unexpected medical emergencies.

Designed to cover the most critical emergencies — such as severe bleeding, airway complications, and traumatic injuries — each Mobilize trauma kit contains modern medical supplies and is paired with an interactive app that provides real-time instructions to assist rescuers. The Mobilize Rescue app guides users to assess the victim’s situation by following a series of diagnostic prompts and then provides direction on how to administer medical care using the supplies in the kits.

Empower your community to act quickly and effectively

There is no training needed to use the Mobilize Rescue app, which comes with each trauma kit. The diagnostic prompts, simple text instructions, and visual aids in the app tell users how to help victims with the appropriate medical supplies based on the specific injury. Real-time guidance is provided based on the rescuers response to simple “yes” or “no” questions about the victim's condition.

When organizations prepare with Mobilize trauma kits, anyone with the Mobilize app can help in an emergency, regardless of their level of training.

In a survey of CPR studies, investigators found that 67% of participants failed a practical skills exam 90 days after taking an instructor-led CPR/AED class and 90% failed the practical skills exam 12 months after the class.2

Customizable Deployments — Prepare with the supplies you need, where you need them

Organizations large and small need to be prepared for unexpected medical emergencies. The American College of Surgeons estimates that 30,000 traumatic deaths could be prevented each year with increased access to optimal trauma care.3

There are different Mobilize trauma kits to suit all types of needs, and you can mix and match products to make sure you have key medical supplies in multiple locations.

  • Comprehensive

    The Comprehensive kit is perfect for safety leaders who want to be prepared for a wide variety of medical emergencies and is a great solution for main offices or mounted next to AEDs. This system includes a built-in tablet with the Mobilize Rescue app.

  • Mobile

    A lighter-weight backpack version of the Comprehensive unit, the Mobile kit is excellent for emergency response staff when they're on the move to the scene of a medical emergency. It can easily be stored in vehicles or in remote locations and includes a built-in tablet with the Mobilize Rescue app.

  • Public Access

    Designed to treat multiple victims at once, each Public Access kit carry case includes four Utility kits with supplies to manage severe bleeding, airway complications, hypothermia, and more. This system allows multiple rescuers to have access to critical supplies and the Mobilize app at the same time. The Mobilize Rescue app is accessed through a mobile phone and can be used with or without WiFi access.

  • Compact

    Compact and lightweight, this bleeding control and airway management kit can be kept handy or taken on the go. Place a Compact unit in work trucks, in the office, or with emergency response team members. The kit includes a multi-user license for the Mobilize Rescue app which is accessed via smartphone.

Peace of Mind — Rest easy knowing you're prepared for critical emergencies

Preparing for cardiac emergencies, traumatic injuries, and mass casualty events is key for safety leaders across all industries. By installing Mobilize trauma kits, safety leaders can be confident they are prepared to help in critical medical emergencies that can become fatal during the average of 9-15 minutes it takes for an ambulance to arrive.4

Learn more about Mobilize trauma kits and how you can prepare for unexpected emergencies.

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