Back from the Dead


Colleagues save man’s life with CPR and ZOLL AED Plus

For five minutes, Matthew Wackt, a 34-year-old Bayside Public Works employee in Bayside, Wisconsin, lay lifeless on the break room floor.

Wackt, who had no history of serious health problems, had suffered sudden cardiac arrest. Matthew Wackt

Fortunately, two of Wackt’s colleagues, Scott Matusewic and Chad Call, witnessed his collapse and sprang into action. One started CPR and the other grabbed the ZOLL AED Plus® defibrillator off the wall. Matusewic and Call followed the integrated text, voice, and visual prompts provided by the AED’s real-time feedback Real CPR Help® technology and were able to resuscitate Wackt.

Wackt describes his survival as “life-changing” and “nothing short of a miracle.” Now with an ICD in his chest and a new perspective life, he exults, “I’ll get to walk my daughter down the aisle someday!”