New AEDs Installed Just in Time

January 14, 2015—The South Port Square Life Care Community acquired new AEDs just in time to help save a life. Last October, Harry Highland went to unlock a third floor maintenance door at the facility where he works in Port Charlotte, Florida, when he collapsed on the floor. Quick thinking by seven co-workers trained in CPR and how to use the AED Plus® units, which had just been installed on the campus three months before, helped save his life.

"You know," says Highland, "it was more like sudden death. It wasn't a heart attack. I wasn't breathing and my heart had stopped."

"It was well worth the investment to put those on our campus," says South Port Executive Director Richard Finn.

Highland is not back at work yet, but he is looking forward to getting back soon to properly thank his co-workers for saving his life.

AED Plus in hall

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