ZOLL Sponsors Viva! Week in Bologna to Promote CPR and AED Training

Viva! Week in Italy 

November 1, 2013 - During Viva! Week in Bologna, Italy, 1800 people of all ages received CPR and AED training. The event, created by the Italian Resuscitation Council, promotes training to improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest. ZOLL donated two AED Plus® automated external defibrillators to the city and a third to the city of Lecce in conjunction with the campaign.

The event was held in Piazza Maggiore, the largest square in Bologna, where ZOLL set up eight stations with AED Plus units. An AutoPulse® demonstration was held in a nearby tent. Additional Viva! activities were held across Italy in Rome, Milan Naples, Sassari, and Lecce. Viva is an Italian word meaning both “alive” and “long life for.”

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