Manitoba Legislation Mandates AEDs in Public Places

AED Plus AHA padsSeptember 20, 2013 - The province of Manitoba understands the power of AEDs (automated external defibrillators). Under a new law, as of January 31, 2014, AEDs must be installed in “high-traffic public places.” In addition to schools, arenas, and airports, AEDs must be available at golf courses, major shopping centers, museums, and zoos, among other places. The Defibrillator Public Access Act also requires AEDs to be registered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Manitoba so that 911 dispatchers can assist individuals caring for a cardiac arrest victim in quickly finding the nearest AED.

To support this new law, the Manitoba government funded the Heart and Stroke Foundation to provide 1,000 free AEDs to non-profit and community-owned public facilities. All of these AEDs have now been allocated. However, to help others comply with the law, the Heart and Stroke Foundation (in partnership with the Manitoba government) has negotiated special pricing on the ZOLL AED Plus®, which is in effect until December 31. For more information about the law and special pricing, visit

Manitoba Health Minister Theresa Oswald said, “Just like having a fire extinguisher is a requirement in public places to help save lives, so too shall defibrillators be required in more places to dramatically improve the odds of surviving cardiac arrest.”

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