Technology Improves Military Health Care Outcomes

Brenda Butler VPMarch 17, 2010

Brenda Butler, Vice President of Government Sales at ZOLL, was recently interviewed by Military Medical/CBRN Technology about ZOLL's ongoing total commitment in meeting the specific requirements and needs of government and military health care. Since joining ZOLL in 1992, Butler has been directly involved in worldwide military and government resuscitation initiatives. With her combined clinical and business expertise, Butler has provided insight and assisted military teams with a service-wide standardization of the ZOLL M Series® CCT Airworthy transport defibrillator/ monitor as the patient movement item (PMI) defibrillator of choice. Here are a few excerpted comments from the complete MMT interview.

Military Medical/CBRN Technology:Tell us a little about ZOLL.

A: ZOLL was one of the first companies to offer airworthy defibrillators/ pacemakers to the military. We help provide a greater level of care on the front lines, throughout the Medevac system, within military treatment facilities and to veterans at home.

Q: What is your position in the military market sector?

A: As a leader in the market, our focus is on the improvement of patient outcomes. With a history of partnering with the U.S. military for over 20 years, ZOLL is a well-established supplier to U.S. military operations worldwide as well as a supplier to a number of foreign military organizations.

Q: How do ZOLL's products help the military health care system meet new guidelines and directives and improve patient outcomes?

A: Military and Veterans Affairs facilities around the world have used ZOLL's solutions and products to help them comply with ever-changing guidelines and directives as well as save lives and improve outcomes. 

Q: What do you consider ZOLL's biggest success in the military?

A: ZOLL is pleased to have been selected as the leading supplier of resuscitation products, which are utilized throughout military health care, including special operations medicine, Navy Fleet and Marine expeditionary medicine units, Army forward surgical teams and combat support hospitals, critical care air transport teams, and VA and military hospitals. In 2002, the military selected ZOLL's CCT Airworthy defibrillator as the PMI defibrillator of choice. Then in 2004, ZOLL was awarded the first defibrillator exigency contract from the Defense Logistics Agency to support contingency operations and wartime requirements. As the current PMI supplier, ZOLL was once again awarded the exigency contract in 2009.

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