Radio Interview on AEDs, CPR, Resuscitation

Ward Hamilton photoIn conjunction with American Heart Month, WCAP Radio (980 AM) in Lowell, Mass. interviewed Ward Hamilton, Senior Vice President and Vice President of Marketing of ZOLL, on a range of topics pertaining to ZOLL, from heart disease to AEDs on to the company's history and expanding product portfolio in resuscitation and temperature management. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

WCAP: Why are AEDs and CPR important?

WH: Sudden cardiac death is the leading cause of death in America. About 1 person every 2 minutes dies of sudden cardiac death in America. And between CPR and the rapid delivery of an electrical shock from an AED, from an external defibrillator, many people can survive. As many as half the people that die suddenly could literally survive these events which are fatal most of the time. Less than about 5%, maybe 7% survive in most areas of the country. In areas with very strong programs in CPR and AED deployment, survival is getting up in the 30-40% area. 

WCAP 980 AM 

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