ZOLL Rep and Two ZOLL Devices Help Save Omaha Woman

Senior Territory Manager Robert Green with the R Series® he used to help save the life of an Omaha woman.


August 17, 2015—It’s not every day that a ZOLL sales rep uses the equipment he sells to help save a life. But that’s exactly what happened to Senior Territory Manager Robert Green as he was driving to his office after an early morning call to an Omaha hospital.

Robert was stopped at a light in Midtown when he saw a woman jump out of her car screaming for help, and then saw a man pulling an unresponsive woman from the car. Robert grabbed the R Series® Monitor/Defibrillator and a set of electrodes from his car and rushed to her side, where another bystander was already performing CPR.

Robert applied the electrodes to the 45-year-old woman’s chest, and the R Series immediately went into AED mode, saying “No Shock Advised.” Robert began CPR.

Two minutes later, firefighters arrived and took control. After four minutes of chest compressions, the victim’s heart rhythm became shockable. Robert charged the R Series, and within 10 seconds it delivered a 120-joule shock, but she was still in ventricular fibrillation.

The ambulance crew soon arrived and placed the woman on the ZOLL AutoPulse® Resuscitation System, which delivers high-quality, automated chest compressions. She was taken to Bergan Mercy Hospital where she received an implantable defibrillator.

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