Made for Resuscitation on the Move

The AutoPulse® Resuscitation System works wherever EMS providers need to go. 

At its foundation is the specially designed board. It delivers stability and maneuverability, supporting both patient and rescuer from the scene of the rescue to the hospital. Depending on the situation, the rescuer has the option of securing the AutoPulse board to a soft stretcher or a backboard.

With the soft stretcher, rescuers don’t need to worry about pausing or potentially compromising CPR through tilts and turns, whether going down steep stairs, around sharp corners, or into a cramped elevator. Patients receive nonstop, high-quality compressions throughout their pre-hospital transport.

A 2015 study demonstrated how effective the AutoPulse is in improving the quality of resuscitation during extrication and ambulance transport of patients with refractory cardiac arrest.1 With regular training, the AutoPulse was applied in as little as 14 seconds, and the median time of overall interruption in CPR during patient movement from scene to the ambulance was reduced by more than 85% when compared to moving patients using manual CPR.1

1Lyon RM, et al. Resuscitation. 2015;93:102-106.