Comprehensive Readiness Checks

Problems during a code are often related to inadequate tests, compromised supplies, batteries, and missed shift checks. The R Series defibrillators extend testing far beyond a basic test shock to checking 110 individual indicators of readiness. That’s Code-Ready®.


  • Comprehensive testing automatically confirms the presence of the correct cables and defibrillator electrodes, senses the type of electrode, and checks important circuitry, including discharge.
  • There is no need to disconnect the electrodes or paddles, or get additional test equipment to test shock delivery. The system will even detect missing or dried-out electrodes and provide a printed or electronic log.
  • A simple indicator unmistakably communicates the defibrillator is ready, and if it’s not, a screen message tells you why. In the event a fault is detected, a page or e-mail message is wirelessly generated to notify appropriate personnel.
  • Users can even log the crash cart status on the defibrillator during shift checks, making quality compliance easier than ever.

Ready with complete Testing:


  • Tests beyond ability to deliver a shock
  • Tests all circuits, CPR, pacing, power, parameters
  • Tests electrode expiration