Pediatric Defibrillation

ZOLL® has developed a dedicated pediatric arrhythmia analysis algorithm that can distinguish shockable versus non-shockable pediatric rhythms. This algorithm detects whether pediatric or adult electrodes are connected and automatically adjusts the arrhythmia analysis processing accordingly. This unique algorithm is available in the ZOLL AED Plus® and AED Pro® defibrillators, as well as in the R Series® and X Series® monitor/defibrillators.

The defibrillator can sense when pediatric electrodes are attached and switch from an adult to pediatric ECG analysis algorithm. Pedi-padz® II pediatric electrodes are designed especially for use with the AED Plus and AED Pro defibrillators, while the OneStep™ pediatric CPR electrodes work with the R Series and X Series monitor/defibrillators to automatically lower the joules setting to 50 joules, preventing accidental overdose during defibrillation.