OneStep Pacing

Simple, Smart, and Ready

AED Electrode Backview

Both the OneStepTM Complete and the OneStep Pacing Electrodes are capable of not only monitoring, defibrillation, and cardioverting, but also pacing, without the need for attaching separate ECG leads. The 3-lead is built right into the front of the electrode pad. This minimizes time and effort when providing pacing therapy—no need to search for and separately attach the 3-lead ECG. Just change the mode from the gray Monitor zone or red Defibrillation zone to the green Pacing mode and select the proper output and rate for capture.

ZOLL's patented pacing technology remains the gold standard. The ZOLL waveform has the highest rate of capture with the lowest current required.

Defibrillator Pacing Charts

To learn more about OneStep Pacing, download our technical note