Two Lives Saved in One Day in Ottawa

July 2, 2014 - The Ottawa Paramedic Service credits quick-thinking bystanders who performed CPR and used an AED Plus® with helping to save two lives in two separate incidents in this Canadian city on the same Wednesday in June.

In the first case, you might say his love of baseball helped save the life of Lunik Kanungo, 55. The lifelong fan of the sport and former player, coach, and volunteer had stopped to watch a Little League championship game when he suffered sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

baseball field photo  

Two young men, a spectator and a volunteer coach both trained in CPR, helped revive Kanungo. The volunteer coach, 19-year-old Andy Thacker, sprinted to the nearby high school he had graduated from a year earlier to retrieve the AED Plus he knew was there. Meanwhile, the spectator, Tek Ma, a trained lifeguard, began CPR. One shock from the AED Plus restarted Kanungo’s heart. Moments later, paramedics arrived and rushed him to the hospital, where he underwent successful surgery, according to his son.

Earlier that day, witnesses say, a 58-year-old man at the RA Centre recreational complex asked his wife to drive because he wasn't feeling well. By the time she walked around the car, he was on the ground. RA staff members sprang into action, giving the man CPR. Paramedics say the AED Plus they used was instrumental in helping the victim.

Ottawa paramedics report there have been 77 lives saved since the Ottawa Paramedic Service Public Access Defibrillator program was introduced in 2001.

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