CPR Stat-padz

Benefits of Real CPR Help Comes with Placing CPR Stat-padz 

ZOLL CPR Stat-padz®are designed for use with AED and professional defibrillators.  The two-piece construction ensures all therapy options are available  to the ALS responder, while the unique design gives it utility in both the Anterior/Anterior and Anterior/Posterior placement. 

Real CPR Help

CPR CompressionsFailure to adequately compress a victim's chest or to compress too quickly is a common error during CPR.  Real CPR Help® provides real-time feedback on compression depth and rate during CPR. Simply place hands on the CPR sensor and perform CPR; software in the AEDs and professional defibrillators evaluates rate and depth. 

See-Thru CPR

See-Thru CPR® allows rescuers to see the underlying electrical activity during compressions to minimize the duration of pauses.