Fully Automatic AED Plus Video

This video introduces the Fully Automatic AED Plus. See it in action and learn how it differs from the standard semi-automatic AED Plus.

AED Training Videos

To order DVDs of the following AED training videos, please call Customer Service at (800) 348-9011.

Real CPR Help® and the AED Plus®
Learn about Real CPR Help and the AED Plus automated external defibrillator.

AED Plus Setup and Practice Videos




Inside the Rescue 
Demonstration and Practice


ZOLL AED Plus Teams up with Duracell
This is a promotional video by Duracell showing a rescue using the AED Plus and a mention of why ZOLL has chosen Duracell as their primary battery used in their AED Plus.

AED Plus Step by Step Demonstration
An AED Training program that walks you through the graphical and audio prompts of the AED Plus

Matt's Rescue: A Case for AEDS in Schools
This 8-minute video tells the story of Matt Keene, a 17-year-old athlete who went into cardiac arrest following football practice in New Hampshire. It highlights the importance of CPR training and early defibrillation programs.

AED Plus Trainer2 Video
How to set up and use the AED Plus Trainer2.