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Strategic Account Manager - Hospital

Location: United Kingdom



ZOLL  Medical  Corporation,  an  Asahi  Kasei  Group  Company,  develops  and  markets   medical  devices  and  software  solutions  that  help  advance  emergency  care  and  save   lives,  while  increasing  clinical  and  operational  efficiencies.  With  products  for   defibrillation  and  monitoring,  circulation  and  CPR  feedback,  data  management,   therapeutic  temperature  management,  and  ventilation,  ZOLL  provides  a   comprehensive  set  of  technologies  that  help  clinicians,  HOSPITAL  and  fire   professionals,  and  lay  rescuers  treat  victims  needing  resuscitation  and  acute  critical   care.  

The  Asahi  Kasei  Group  is  a  diversified  group  of  companies  led  by  holding  company   Asahi  Kasei  Corp.,  with  operations  in  the  material,  homes,  and  health  care  business   sectors.  Its  health  care  operations  include  devices  and  systems  for  acute  critical  care,   dialysis,  therapeutic  apheresis,  transfusion,  and  manufacture  of  bio-­‐therapeutics,  as   well  as  pharmaceuticals  and  diagnostic  reagents.  With  more  than  30,000  employees   around  the  world,  the  Asahi  Kasei  Group  serves  customers  in  more  than  100   countries.  For  more  information,  visit  www.asahi-­‐kasei.co.jp/asahi/en/  

With  a  strong  focus  on  executing  our  sales  strategies  and  leveraging  our  clinical   advantages  we  aim  to  drive  profitable  growth  in  this  key  market.  ZOLL  provides  a   highly  rewarding  environment  to  work  within,  allowing  a  great  deal  of  autonomy,   balanced  with  a  willing  and  skilled  network  of  specialist  functions  to  support  the   subsidiaries  even  further.  

We  foster  a  high-­‐performance  culture,  which  is  strongly  focused  on  reward  and   recognition,  along  with  an  incredibly  strong  ethos  of  recognising  long-­‐term   employees  contribution.  We  have  a  low  turnover  of  employees.    
Ethically,  we  are  proud  to  promote  a  culture  of  compliance  and  ‘doing  the  right   thing’,  subscribing  to  the  highest  levels  of  compliance  management.  We  expect  our   leadership  team  to  embody  this.  
The  business:  

ZOLL  Medical  is  a  strong  and  stable  organisation,  with  over  4000  employees   worldwide,  present  in  over  140  countries  and  1700  sales  and  service  personnel.    
Wholly  focused  in  the  world  of  resuscitation,  we  are  proud  to  be  viewed  as  a  leading   company  in  this  hugely  important  healthcare  environment.  Our  products  span  the   entire  chain  of  survival,  from  Public  Access  Defibrillation,  enabling  confident  and   high-­‐quality  CPR  in  the  community,  through  to  Pre-­‐Hospital  care,  Emergency  Room   and  Military  grade  professional  monitors/defibrillators.  The  ZOLL  portfolio  continues   to  expand  further  as  we  focus  on  helping  the  healthcare  providers  improve   outcomes  from  Out  of  Hospital  Cardiac  Arrest.    

ZOLL  Medical  has  grown  an  expansive  product  portfolio  over  a  number  of  years  with   a  Data  division,  LifeVest  Technologies,  Intra-­‐Vascular  Cooling  and  latterly  pre-­‐ hospital  Ventilation.  We  are  proud  to  be  world  leaders  in  the  world  of  CPR  Feedback   technologies,  with  Real  CPR  Help®  and  most  recently  the  ResQCPR™  System,  which  is   the  only  CPR  device  that  has  a  proven  indication  to  improve  likelihood  of  survival.   ZOLL  is  truly  helping  to  save  victims  lives,  helping  clinicians  return  their  patients  to   their  families.  We  are  proud  to  play  a  small  part  in  helping  improve  the  chance  of  an   individual  surviving  this  devastating  disease,  where  frustratingly  the  cure  is  often   easily  articulated,  yet  incredibly  difficult  to  implement.  

The  European  HOSPITAL  business  is  one  of  the  key  businesses  at  ZOLL  and  is  a  key   contributor  to  our  overall  growth  ambitions.  As  the  region  encompasses  many  of  the   leading  HOSPITAL  markets  globally,  it  is  imperative  that  we  leverage  our  strong   products  and  reputation  to  grow  market  share  in  all  regions.  Achieving  profitable   growth  whilst  attaining  number  one  position  in  the  HOSPITAL  segment.  



The  current  UK  hospital  business  is  a  series  of  complex  &  multi-­‐layered  accounts   with  an  increasing  number  of  stakeholders  &  influencers.  Payers,  patients  &  policy   makers  are  looking  increasingly  for  companies  to  offer  true  value-­‐added solutions   rather  than  just  products.  We  are  looking  for  a  Strategic  Account  Manager  (SAM)  in     the  UK  to  further  develop  the  business  in  the  higher  echelons  of  hospitals,  working   up  to  CEO  level  and  developing  mutually  beneficial relationships  with  Key  Accounts   in  order  for  Zoll  Medical  to  become  the  preferred  long-­‐term  strategic  partner.  The   SAM  will  have  a  “hunger”  to  continually  drive  profitable  sales  and  market  share   growth  for  Zoll  Medical.   


The  SAM  will  develop,  lead  and  implement  the  strategic  account  plan  in  line  with  the   Zoll  Medical  Commercial  Strategy.  
Key  areas  of  responsibility:    


Candidates  must  be  able  to:    


  • Build  an  in-­‐depth  understanding  of  ‘targeted  account’  customers  in  order  to   match  appropriate  Zoll  Medical  device  offerings  and  develop  mutually   beneficial  solutions.   
  • Build  strong  relationships  with  a  broad  range  of  key  stakeholders  in  order  to   secure  long-­‐term  sales  growth  for  Zoll  Medical  devices.  The  (SAM)  will  be   required  to  take  ownership  of  the  non-­‐clinical  stakeholder  mapping  in  ‘target   accounts’  and  understand  the  internal  politics  to  drive  the  strategic  direction   and  maintain  ownership  of  the  account  management  strategy  and  delivery.     
  • Continually  identify  and  drive  Zoll  Medical  customer  interaction  to  maximise   our  potential  in  a  fast  changing  market  environment  whilst  developing   opportunities  to  cross-­‐sell  different  ZOLL  market  segments  to  strategically   advance  ZOLL's  position  in  the  market  and  create  incremental  revenue.   (Private  Ambulance  Services)     
  • Articulate  and  sell  the  Zoll  Medical  value  proposition  tailored  to  strategic   accounts  in  order  to  develop  long-­‐term  partnership  agreements  and   alignment.     
  • Work  closely  with  the  sales  organizations  across  Zoll  Medical  by  leading   multimillion-­‐pound  tender  applications  and  ensuring  their  successful   acceptance  and  longevity.     
  • Manage  price,  volume  and  mix  and  other  commercial  terms  for  strategic   accounts  in  line  with  National/International  strategy  in  order  to  secure   market  value.     
  • Strategically  co-­‐ordinate  internal  resources  to  deliver  appropriate  Value-­‐ Added  Solutions  for  allocated  target  accounts  and  lead  a  team  internally  for   each  opportunity.  Collaborate  with  internal  stakeholders  to  deliver  solutions   to  customers  including  but  not  limited  to,  Territory  Managers,  Regional   Managers,  Product  and  deployment  specialists,  Medical,  Compliance  and   Legal  in  order  to  direct  and  execute  account  strategies.       
  • Provide  continuous  feedback  of  environmental  knowledge,  market   intelligence  and  sales  opportunities  to  sales  and  marketing  colleagues   internally  on  an  on-­‐going  basis  and  be  proactive  in  their  approach  to   delivering  this.           
  • Plan  to  spend  —  on  average  —  three  days  per  week  working  in  the  field   with  Territory  Managers  on  strategic  accounts  as  well  as  collaborate  with  an  account's  Territory  Manager  and  Regional  Manager  regularly  on   strategy,  next  steps,  and  forecast  details. 
  • Keep  up  to  date  with  areas  such  as  (but  not  exclusive  to)  market  trends  and   in  particular  focus  on  changes  in  funding,  service  delivery,  policy  changes,   and  healthcare  hubs  which  may  affect  the  implementation  of  the  Zoll   Medical  Commercial  Strategy.  Present  account  reviews  to  senior   management  at  regular  intervals.    




  • A  proven  track  record  of  success  in  the  Healthcare  market,  including  the   hospital  sector  and  Public  Safety   
  • A  successful  track  record  as  a  Strategic  Account  Manager  or  Territory   Manager  in  Medial  Devices  or  in  an  equivalent  B2B  market.     
  • Selling  complex  systems,  concepts,  and  solutions  in  a  selling  environment   that  involves  multiple  decision  makers  at  accounts  of  significance   
  • Educated  to  Degree  level  with  exceptional  communication,  negotiation,  and   account  management  capabilities.   
  • Excellent  problem  solver  with  a  collaborative  approach  to  account   management.