IVTM Catheter Family

Choose the Catheter Power you Need

IVTM Catheters

Catheter guyZOLL offers a variety of catheters to handle your specific patient challenges, including your choice of:

  • Catheter Length - accommodates patient sizes
  • Insertion Site - Femoral, Subclavian, Internal Jugular
  • Heat Exchange Power - based on protocol

Add Temperature Management to Your Central Line  

ZOLL's patented catheter design combines precise temperature management with the critical care functions of a standard central venous catheter. Insert the catheter in place of a triple-lumen central venous catheter and provide temperature management with just one catheterization.

All ZOLL IVTM™ catheters feature:

  • SurModics Applause® hydrophilic coating (SurModics, Inc., Eden Prairie, MN)
  • Triple-lumen central venous catheter functions: medication delivery, blood draw, and central venous pressure monitoring
  • Radiopaque body, tip and marker band to ensure proper placement in the vessel
  • Catheter kits include all accessories needed for catheterization
  • MRI safe
  • Latex free

Catheter Specifications:

Start-up Kit is needed to connect catheters to Thermogard and Thermogard XP systems.

Catheter specifications chart