Propaq M

Propaq M 

A Monitor Designed for the Rigors of Military and Air Medical Operations 

Propaq M Information 

The rugged and lightweight Propaq® M is specifically designed for the rigors of military and air medical operations. This compact monitor has been enhanced with 12-lead capabilities, three invasive pressures, and EtCO2 to meet all your critical care monitoring needs, with no additional modules required. Its large display conveniently shows four waveforms and all clinical parameters on a single screen to treat the most critical patients. With a new robust memory on the device you don’t need to worry about losing data when you turn the device off.

When you need it all to treat a casualty—you have it all.  

Propaq M, your trusted transport monitor, relied upon to go where you go and do what you need it to do

  • A long-life, user-removable, hot-swappable battery, providing over 7.5 hours of monitoring of all physiological parameters.  Provides over twice the monitoring capability of other transport monitors 
  • Large display, capable of showing four, six, or twelve waveforms and all clinical parameters on one screen 
  • 4 pounds lighter than similar vital signs transport monitors  
  • Only airworthy transport monitor to offer three invasive pressure channels necessary to monitor critical patients during long transports  
  • Only transport monitor with a defibrillator and pacer option  
  • First transport monitor to pass the IP55 ingress protection from jets of water and extremely fine sand/dust 
  • Backwards-compatible with existing accessories for all older Propaq monitors 
  • Approved for adult, neonate, and pediatric use for humanitarian missions 
  • First transport monitor to offer display modes that operate in bright sunlight or during night missions (NVG-friendly display) 

Sierra Nevada Corporation and ZOLL Showcase Telemedicine Solution