M Series and M Series CCT

Thank you for your interest in the ZOLL M Series® and M Series CCT.

The M Series Monitor/Defibrillator has been replaced with the newer, more robust R Series®. And after years of honorable service as the military standard of care, the M Series CCT Defibrillator has been retired and replaced by the ultra-lightweight, advanced Propaq® MD. The product manuals can be found here.

Both the R Series Monitor/Defibrillator and the Propaq MD, which was specifically designed for military and air medical operations, provide easy to use technologies to help you consistently deliver high-quality CPR. Most notably, the CPR Dashboard provides a real-time display of CPR quality metrics, using Real CPR Help® technology. The R Series and Propaq MD also have See-Thru CPR®, which minimizes pause time during CPR by filtering out CPR artifact.

Learn more about the R Series Monitor/Defibrillator and the Propaq MD.