RescueNet 12-Lead

Doctor monitor

12-Lead Meets Mobile Computing 

  • Receive and manage 12-lead ECGs from just about anywhere 
  • Browser based for maximum flexibility and universal access  
  • Access 12-lead information via e-mail, fax, computer, tablet, or handheld simultaneously

Review, Export, Report  

  • ECG Management System export capability
  • All 12-leads are archived in the cloud
  • System Activity Reports provide information to manage workflow  

Safe and Effective for Hospitals

  • Encrypted and password protected, supports customer compliance requirements with HIPAA and HITECH
  • Capable of managing a single hospital or a regional network  
  • Hosted solution avoids complex IT involvement  
  • No-cost subscription to import, export, archive, and access all data  
  • Free for referring hospitals  
  • Receive 12-lead transmissions from any number of defibrillators and EMS services at no cost  

Cost Effective and Flexible for EMS

  • No cost for EMS to transmit into RescueNet 12-Lead regardless of the number of monitor/defibrillators  
  • No transmission license fees