STx⁺ Surface Pad System

Cost-effective surface cooling

The ZOLL® STx+™ Surface Pad System for cooling and warming provides an effective temperature management solution. The STx+ Surface Pads provide tight skin contact with no adhesives. The STx+ vest and thigh pads are designed with flow channels to enhance water circulation and feature a skin-friendly inner lining,* and soft, flexible tube extensions for ease of use.

And the STx™ CoolRepeat® connectivity accessory reduces the number of trips to the bedside by displaying the patient's temperature wherever vital signs are being monitored.

*Indications: For patient temperature management by trained healthcare professionals only. STx+ Surface Pad Systems to be used with STx Console.
Note – STx+ Surface Pad sets are accessories intended for use with the STx Console. Refer to the STx Console Instructions for Use for full listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, cautions, and additional information.

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