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With products for defibrillation and monitoring, circulation and CPR feedback, data management, ventilation, and therapeutic temperature management, ZOLL® provides a comprehensive set of technologies that help clinicians, EMS and fire professionals, and lay rescuers treat victims needing resuscitation and acute critical care.

AED Plus

The ZOLL AED Plus® defibrillator with Real CPR Help technology helps rescuers to provide high-quality CPR and will deliver a shock if needed. Real-time CPR feedback on compression rate and depth gives lay rescuers confidence and clarity throughout the rescue.


The AED Pro® defibrillator is designed to perform in any environment and can be used by professional or lay rescuers. Proprietary Real CPR Help and See-Thru CPR® technologies provide the advanced functionality that rescuers need to perform optimal CPR and increase an SCA victim’s chance of survival.


The 330 Multifunction Aspirator* is a rugged, portable, self-contained suction device for adult and pediatric patients that customizes intermittent and continuous suction based on clinical procedure. The device’s Smart Flow™ feature permits extremely quiet operation during patient care and surgical procedures, and a Silent and Dark mode enables it to be used without interfering with advanced infrared night-vision equipment.

The Next Generation in Military Aspiration.

*Not available in all countries

AutoPulse for EMS

Designed for Resuscitation on the Move™, AutoPulse allows EMS professionals to continue providing high-quality chest compressions down steep stairwells, around sharp corners, or even in a cramped elevator.

AutoPulse for Hospitals

Automated CPR with the AutoPulse Resuscitation System can minimize some of the chaos that surrounds a code, providing a sense of organization and time to think.


Get the power you need. Find the battery for your defibrillator or other ZOLL device.

Catheter Family

ZOLL combines precise temperature management with the critical care functions of a standard central venous catheter (CVC).

Electrodes and Internal Paddles

Learn more about our electrodes, or discover the electrode that best meets your needs with our interactive electrode finder.

EMV+ for Military

The EMV+® portable ventilator is designed to meet military transport standards and is ideal for air medical and ambulance transport of infants, pediatric patients, and adults.

RescueNet 12-Lead for EMS

RescueNet 12-Lead for EMS allows you to transmit data to hospitals and anyone involved in the continuum of care, enabling rapid diagnosis and efficient management of 12-leads.

RescueNet 12-Lead for Hospital

RescueNet 12-Lead for Hospital is a simple, flexible tool that provides highly secure management of your critical data and ensures reliable delivery to everyone involved in the continuum of care.

RescueNet CaseReview

Immediate, intuitive, and inclusive, RescueNet® CaseReview simplifies collecting case files, making access as fast as opening your web browser.

RescueNet Code Review

RescueNet® Code Review is the first software program for analyzing the complete resuscitation event.

ResQCPR System

The ResQCPR® System is a CPR adjunct that consists of the ResQPOD® ITD 16 and the ResQPUMP® ACD-CPR device. Together, they increase the likelihood of survival.


The ResQGARD® impedance threshold device provides a rapid, safe, and noninvasive way to improve perfusion in spontaneously breathing hypotensive patients.


The ResQGARD® impedance threshold device provides a rapid, safe, and noninvasive way to improve perfusion in spontaneously breathing hypotensive patients.

R Series Monitor Defibrillators

The R Series® monitor/defibrillator is the worldwide choice of hospitals for in-patient resuscitation. It features a full suite of tools to support CPR, including a complete CPR Dashboard for both adults and pediatrics, See-Thru CPR filtering, and OneStep™ adult and pediatric electrodes that enable Real CPR Help to provide real-time visual feedback on compression rate and depth.

STx⁺ Surface Pad System

The ZOLL® STx™ Surface Pad System, for cooling and warming patients, offers a vest and thigh pads that are designed with flow channels to enhance water circulation and feature a skin-friendly inner lining,* and soft, flexible tube extensions for ease of use.

Thermogard XP Temperature Management System

Patients reach target temperature quickly and accurately with the Thermogard XP® (TGXP) temperature management system.1,2 It offers superior clinical efficiency in reaching and maintaining target temperature 100% of the time.1–6

X Series for EMS

Built on an expandable platform, X Series® is compact and lightweight and delivers the capabilities you expect from a full-featured monitor. Designed for use with all patients.

X Series for Hospital Transport

Beyond the benefits of size, weight, and durability, X Series is the optimal device for patient transport, offering pacing and advanced monitoring features.

Z Vent for EMS

Like everything else medics carry, ventilators must stand up to the tough physical demands of the EMS environment. With enhanced durability, the Z Vent® portable ventilator sets the standard for ruggedness.

Z Vent for Hospital

Z Vent offers a full range of ventilation options, is easy to use and is MRI-conditional, providing patients with high-quality ventilation all the way to the MRI suite.