Minister Saved in Church by AED and Bystander CPR

Howard Campbell
Reverend Howard Campbell, flanked by two of his rescuers,
Julie Porter and Dennis Moore

June 2, 2014 — Howard Campbell, a retired minister from Blue Springs, Kansas, was saved in church this February when his fellow parishioners used a ZOLL AED Plus® to stabilize his heart after he suffered sudden cardiac arrest. Campbell, 73, had been one of the strongest supporters of getting an AED when the church discussed buying one earlier this year. “His deal was, if it saves one life, it’s well worth the money," said Campbell’s wife, Jean. “Little did he know he would be the one it would be used on.”

When Campbell collapsed in the middle of the sermon, a fellow parishioner and pediatric nurse administered CPR. At one point, the AED Plus advised her to “Push harder.” It also advised that a shock was needed. Blue Springs EMS took Campbell to a hospital, where he received a pacemaker and an implantable defibrillator. Returned to health, Campbell has been inspired to spread the word about the vital importance of having AEDs in public places that serve senior citizens.


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