Hands Only CPR

BHF Hands only CPR

The British Heart Foundation have been running a "Hands-only CPR Campaign", promoting the idea that untrained bystanders can perform hands-only CPR if they see someone have a cardiac arrest.    

Fronted by the well known tough man, Vinnie Jones, the adverts take a no-nonsense approach to CPR.

"Hands-only CPR. Call 999. Then push hard and fast to the beat of Stayin' Alive. It's not as hard as it looks."


In the advert, there is a large focus on compressions, and a reduced emphasis on giving breaths.

"No kissing, you only kiss your Missus on the lips."

The BHF have several initiatives which aim to improve survival rates from cardiac arrests, such as the Heartstart Emergency Lifesaving Course, or their campaign to get Emergency Life Support Skills as a compulsory item on the curriculum.

 ZOLL is an organisation solely focused on resuscitation, and values the importance of high-quality CPR. So much so, ZOLL has teamed up with the British Heart Foundation to support this campaign, developing a hands-only CPR app for your iPhone or Android device. The British Heart Foundation PocketCPR app is a free training app that allows you to practice hands-only CPR, helping to teach anyone the correct depth and rate of compressions.

The technology contained in the apps is also featured in all ZOLL AEDs and professional defibrillators. They are all capable of providing the same Real CPR Help® by using the built in accelerometer based feedback inside any ZOLL CPR electrode. By enhancing the quality of the rescuers chest compressions, it has been shown in clinical studies to improve the likelihood of a successful defibrillation attempt, as well as the chance of survival.

To find out more about the PocketCPR app click here.