ZOLL Foundation Grants to Nearly 70 Recipients in Resuscitation and Critical Care Research Surpass $2.5 Million


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15 Grantees Awarded Nearly $500,000 in Final 2020 Application Round



January 27, 2021 — CHELMSFORD, MASS. — In the application round ended September 30, 2020, the ZOLL Foundation, established in 2014 to support young investigators through research grants in the fields of resuscitation and acute critical care, received 35 applications from across the United States, as well as Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The 15 selected applicants received grants totaling more than $464,000. Proposed research topics range from instant hemorrhage control, humanizing the intensive care unit, and treatment of brain injury after cardiac arrest, to use of machine algorithms to predict critical care outcomes, impaired organ repair after sepsis, and inhaled argon therapy after cardiac arrest. All titles are available at http://zollfoundation.org/projects.html.

Ward Hamilton, President of the ZOLL Foundation, says, "With seven years now in operation, the ZOLL Foundation continues to gain recognition as an important funding source in the resuscitation and acute critical care research worlds. We are unique in our support of young investigators, those who are in the early stages of their careers, who are often mentored by well-established leaders in their fields. We believe a grant to someone who is starting out in their research career can help to attract larger grants from other entities down the line."

"We anticipate additional contributions this year and in the future from our two major sources of funding, Asahi Kasei and ZOLL Medical Corporation. Their generosity will add to our ability to make grants, as well as provide us with the ability to increase the grant size when an application justifies it." adds Hamilton.

The application form for the upcoming March 31, 2021 deadline can be found at http://zollfoundation.org/apply.html.

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The ZOLL Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that operates independently from ZOLL Medical Corporation. It provides grants that support research and educational methods designed to improve resuscitation practices, prevent patient deterioration associated with cardiac arrest, and enhance the care of acute patients to reduce mortality and morbidity. Its focus is on providing seed grants for new investigators starting on the path of resuscitation and acute critical care research. More information on the Foundation, grantees to date, and the grant application process can be found at www.zollfoundation.org.

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