ZOLL Foundation March 31 Applications Were on Track Despite Extraordinary Pandemic Demands on Applicants


Susan Schumacher
ZOLL Foundation
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August 6, 2020 — CHELMSFORD, MASS. — A March 31 application deadline for a resuscitation and acute critical care grant program came at a time this year that had medical personnel scrambling to care for COVID-19 patients. Despite this, the ZOLL Foundation received 31 applications from young investigators working primarily in hospital settings around the globe. This number was on track with applications received in recent rounds, with the two annual deadlines being March 31 and September 30. Eight grantees from institutions in the United States, Switzerland, and China were awarded more than $300,000 in the March 31 round. More information about each individual and their research topic can be found at http://zollfoundation.org/projects.html.

Ward Hamilton, President of the ZOLL Foundation, says, “Despite having unprecedented patient care and research responsibilities, newer researchers in the fields of resuscitation and acute critical care applied by the Foundation’s March 31 deadline, eager for a chance to receive a grant to further their research goals. We certainly did have a few applicants who said they may need more time due to the pandemic, which we fully understood, but at the end of the day, they all met the Foundation’s application deadline. Awarded applicants received the news of their grants as most welcome positive news in these extraordinarily trying times.”

The application form for the September 30, 2020 deadline can be found at http://zollfoundation.org/apply.html.

About the ZOLL Foundation

The ZOLL Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that operates independently from ZOLL Medical Corporation. It provides grants that support research and educational methods designed to improve resuscitation practices, prevent patient deterioration associated with cardiac arrest, and enhance the care of acute patients to reduce mortality and morbidity. Its focus is on providing seed grants for new investigators starting on the path of resuscitation and acute critical care research. More information on the Foundation, grantees to date, and the grant application process can be found at www.zollfoundation.org.

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