AED Pro Accessories



CPR-D padz


Part #8900-0800

Our one-piece CPR-D-padz®, which contains a pair of electrodes, senses and reports the motion of the chest compressions to the AED Plus®. With a five-year shelf life, the CPR-D-padz electrode has the longest shelf life of any disposable electrode.

Pedi-Padz II

Pedi-padz® II

Part #8900-0810

ZOLL’s unique intelligent pediatric capability is built into the AED Plus. Pedi-padz II electrodes are designed for patients under the age of 8 or under 55 pounds. The AED can sense when pediatric electrodes are attached and will switch from an adult to a pediatric ECG analysis algorithm. The Pedi-padz II electrodes have a two-year shelf life.


CPR Stat-padz®

Part #8900-0400 (8 pack)

Part #8900-0402 (single pack)

Two-piece electrodes with Real CPR Help® capability. 24-month shelf life.


ECG Electrodes

Part #8900-0003

200-pouch case (3 ECG electrodes/pouch).



Part #8000-0838

Lead II patient monitoring with 3-lead cable.





SurePower Battery Pack

Part #8019-0535

The SurePower Battery Pack is a rechargeable lithium-ion power source that is reliable for both infrequent users and full-time professional rescuers. With onboard self-testing, usage and charging history, and an actual “Runtime” charge indicator (“Runtime”—30 minutes remaining, versus “Capacity”—25% remaining), you can be completely sure that your AED Pro is adequately powered. Also compatible with the ZOLL E Series® Monitor/Defibrillator. Charger not included.


SurePower Charging Station

Part #8050-0030

Test, recondition, and charge four SurePower batteries at once with the SurePower Charging Station. This system maximizes life-span and reliability of ZOLL rechargeable batteries. Compatible with the SurePower Battery Pack, and all previous ZOLL rechargeable batteries. Also compatible with the SurePower II Battery Pack (requires bay adapter, sold separately). Batteries not included.


SurePower Single-Bay Battery Charger

Part #8200-000100

Test, recondition, and charge a single ZOLL SurePower or SurePower II Battery Pack. Not compatible with NiCad or sealed lead-acid batteries. Batteries not included.


AED Pro Non-rechargeable Lithium-ion Pack

Part #8000-0860

5-year maximum usable life. Cannot be recharged.


AED Pro Soft Case

Part #8000-0810


AED Pro Molded Vinyl Case

Part #8000-0832

Provides spare battery compartment.


AED Pro Hard Case

Part #8000-0875

Hard-shell carry case with foam cut-outs.





ZOLL Travel Trainer

Part #8008-0006

This streamlined portable trainer includes a flattened manikin silhouette, which features a built-in heart rhythm simulator and CPR-D-Demo® pad for demonstrating the AED Pro®. Easily folds into the small duffle bag provided for convenience when carrying.


AED Plus Demo Kit

Part #8000-0834

Equally ideal for demonstrating Real CPR Help® with the AED Pro, the AED Plus® Demo Kit comes with a CPR-D-padz® Demo pad and a manikin in a large carry bag (clinical AED Pro and simulator not included).

AED Pro Simulator

AED Pro Simulator

Part #8000-0829

Simulates heart rhythm and 3-lead ECG for AED Pro demonstration using clinical unit.


See-Thru CPR® Simulator

Part #8009-0751

This simulator provides common arrhythmias and lead II ECG for training and demonstrations, with the added benefit of simulating See-Thru CPR®—the AED Pro’s cutting-edge technology for reducing the duration of pauses during chest compressions. Also compatible with ZOLL’s R Series® defibrillator.

CPR-D Demo-padz

CPR-D Demo padz

Part #8900-5007

Demonstration electrodes for use with clinical AED Pro or AED Plus (requires AED and simulator).


Demo CPR Stat-padz

Part #8900-0190

Demonstration electrodes for use with clinical AED Pro or AED Plus (requires AED and simulator).

Demo Manikin

Demo Manikin

Part #8000-0835

Head adjustable for airway management.