ZOLL XChange Program


The ZOLL® XChange program was created to help your service adopt new technologies. A team of experienced EMS professionals, IT specialists, and certified project managers provide industry-exclusive transition services that ensure a smooth conversion to ZOLL devices for your crews. Change is constant, but ZOLL’s XChange program makes it simple.

The XChange Program Includes:

  • Equipment setup and configuration
  • Product training on your ZOLL product portfolio
  • Train-the-trainer program
  • End-user training
  • Data integration setup and configuration
  • 12-lead transmission setup and configuration
  • Online training
  • Customer support

The Team:

  • Certified Project Managers—your single point of contact during the process
  • Sales Engineers—the communications and data system experts
  • Clinical Deployment Specialists—the face to your field and training teams

Customer Feedback:

“The ZOLL deployment team was amazing. They have a unique ability to instantly connect with their students. Their knowledge base was incredible and the training was delivered in a professional, logical, and organized manner.”

—Scott Zeller, Battalion Chief, EMS Ventura County Fire Department.

“When moving to the ZOLL X Series® we were supported by the ZOLL clinical deployment team. The clinical deployment team trained over 300 paramedics for the deployment of the ZOLL X Series, with knowledgeable and engaging training. The ZOLL clinical deployment team provided excellent service and support during our transition to the X Series monitor.”

—Gord Nevils, Supervisor of Education, Research, and Community Programs, Peel Regional Paramedic Service.