Support Services

ZOLL® knows the importance of providing quality and timely services to customers in more than 140 countries. Each of our support organizations is staffed with knowledgeable, extensively trained professionals who understand the role ZOLL plays in helping you carry out your mission. We continue to expand our reach and our product offerings. Stringent quality control and regulatory compliance programs have enabled the company’s excellent record in uninterrupted product delivery. Whether you need clinical or technical support, technical training, or emergency support, we pride ourselves on providing the services and resources you need to succeed.

Deployment Services

ZOLL’s support starts with the sale. Our team understands where you are using our equipment, how you are using it, and on whom are you using it. We provide whatever training is necessary to ensure you are confident in how to field and deploy your ZOLL devices to best care for your patients.

Technical Support

ZOLL is dedicated to delivering world-class technical support and training in each market served. Our electronic distance-learning capabilities enable us to train and support maintenance technicians who are physically challenged or geographically separated.

As your partner in life-cycle maintenance, ZOLL equipment is compatible with many test equipment solutions, allowing technicians to properly maintain ZOLL equipment that can be serviced with ZOLL-specific test equipment or with your existing test equipment to troubleshoot and repair protocols.

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