COVID-19 Resources

Extending our heartfelt thanks to healthcare providers around the world.
We are here for you!

Supporting healthcare providers is at the core of all that we do. We continue to focus on creating a strong support system for our customers and employees throughout the world. We are all affected, and we stand with you.

Protecting Our Employees

ZOLL maintains high safety standards at all office and manufacturing facilities and has implemented comprehensive protocols to protect our employees.

These measures include changes to manufacturing processes and logistics, remote work options for eligible employees, and paid time off for employees to get vaccinated.

We are proud to be a part of the healthcare community and we stand behind our dedicated employees and our lifesaving critical care equipment.

Critical Care Equipment

In today’s rapidly changing environment, we know that cross-training and reallocation of vital equipment may be necessary. ZOLL® technology supports your efforts, providing rugged ventilators, reliable monitor/defibrillators, automated CPR, and temperature management devices for fever control.