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ExpertCare™ Biomed Partnership Plans

Thoughtfully designed for our hospital customers


Why should you consider ExpertCare?

  • We offer industry-leading products and service
  • We strive to always exceed your service expectations
  • Our unparalleled service will keep your equipment operating at its optimum level
  • We provide technical support 24 hours a day
  • As the manufacturer, we are experts at troubleshooting and carry only ZOLL®‑certified parts
  • Our complimentary loaner program minimizes downtime during repairs

How the plans work:

All devices sold into the hospital setting are guaranteed with a 5-year limited product warranty. Our Biomed Partnership plans extend a parts-only warranty through year 8, granting you even greater peace of mind through:

  • A 3-year extension of a parts-only warranty
  • Annual preventive maintenance (PM) performed by our ExpertCare Field Service team at your facility for 8 years – at no additional cost – allowing your biomedical team to focus on repairs and additional responsibilities

ExpertCare preventive maintenance includes:

ExpertCare Van
  • Test all device parameters, including ZOLL cables and accessories
  • Identify and/or troubleshoot potential issues and make recommendations
  • Troubleshoot device(s) and/or accessories under contract
  • Inspect battery chargers and review battery management
  • Perform software updates (upon customer request)
  • Manage your PM schedule, ensuring your devices remain in compliance
  • Provide documentation required by regulatory agencies

We offer two Biomed partnership options:

Biomed Partnership Biomed Partnership Plus

This plan provides biomedical professionals with greater autonomy in servicing their ZOLL equipment. Your biomedical team is responsible for all repairs and troubleshooting, while our ZOLL team will perform on-site annual preventive maintenance.

This plan provides all the benefits of the Biomed Partnership plan, as well as:

  • Deployment of new devices by our field service team
  • Discounted biomed training, and the added benefit of maintaining biomedical training certification through our eLearning platform
  • A twice-annual on-site consultation with an ExpertCare Field Service Manager*, providing you the opportunity to address concerns, help troubleshoot, and assess any specific needs

* Upon customer request

Interested in learning more about our ExpertCare Biomed Partnership Plans? Contact us:

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