Fluid Resuscitation

At ZOLL®, we believe that products and solutions that encompass multiple facets of resuscitation, and work as a system, help improve survival rates. It is this unique perspective that makes us an innovator in the area of fluid resuscitation.

Trauma patients, especially those in shock, often require an infusion of fluids as treatment. In an effort to improve on cumbersome gravity feeds, ZOLL offers a portable, miniature fluid resuscitation device that incorporates a patented process for tightly controlling the infusion of fluid and maximizing the resuscitation benefit. This portable infusion pump is just one of a full line of emergency medical equipment solutions designed to advance the practice of resuscitation.

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Power Infuser Fluid Resuscitation Pump

Power Infuser Infusion Pump

The Power Infuser® is a miniature pump intended for continuous or intermittent administration of therapeutic and clinically appropriate intravenous fluids, blood and packed red blood cells.  This fluid resuscitation pump is intended for use by medical, paramedical, and EMT personnel in the field and in pre-hospital and hospital environments.