Battery Management

Total Quality Management System Assures Reliability

Defibrillator Batteries and AC ChargersEnsuring that a defibrillator has adequate power to manage a full cardiac emergency is a constant challenge. In fact, studies have shown that the majority of defibrillator problems are related to unexpected battery failure. Battery life is unpredictable and affected by many factors such as cell type, frequency of use, charge and discharge curves, and age. Proper testing and maintenance of batteries can be very labor intensive and costly when done properly. If overlooked and problems arise, the quality of patient care can be compromised.

ZOLL's PowerCharging Systems offer the first complete and practical solution for improving reliability, effectiveness and costs in battery management. The user interface is simple and designed to automatically catch the most common mistakes by alerting the user before a problem can occur. Flexibility for AC and portable application is unequaled, recharging is the fastest available and testing is automated and complete. In combination, the ZOLL Base PowerCharger 4X4, high-performance lead-acid batteries and TQM approach to batteries set a new standard for performance, battery care, and maintenance.

Base Power Charger 4x4

  • Automatically tests and recharges a battery rapidly in eight hours or less.
  • Visual and audible indicators alert users to batteries with insufficient capacity, incomplete charge and detected faults to ensure safe and reliable patient use.
  • Automated testing saves technician time and cost by eliminating manual procedures and preventing battery problems before they occur.

High-performance Battery Pack

  • User-replaceable battery packs, common to all new ZOLL devices, eliminate defibrillator downtime by allowing only batteries to be removed from service for testing instead of the entire defibrillator.

Rapid Recharge

  • Puts batteries back in service fast and interchangeability provides virtually unlimited portable capability with spares.