ZOLL and the European Resuscitation Guidelines

ZOLL Resuscitation System: Helping You Improve Outcomes in the Continuum of Care

The European Resuscitation Council’s (ERC) 2021 Guidelines aim to preserve human life by making high-quality resuscitation available to everyone.

ZOLL® shares that goal. Our products focus on the "Systems Saving Lives" approach in the Guidelines — the actions that link a victim of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) with survival — from initial response through to CPR and post-resuscitation care.

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Like the ERC, ZOLL understands that saving lives depends on science, effective education of laypeople and healthcare professionals, and successful implementation of efficient systems. Another important factor in improving outcomes is the ability to measure the performance of resuscitation systems, and ZOLL's data management tools enable easy, intuitive analysis of event information.

From our automated external defibrillators (AEDs), all of which feature real-time CPR feedback, to our cutting-edge monitor/defibrillators, ventilators, and advanced data features, ZOLL’s proven lifesaving solutions are designed to enable all types of users to help save lives.

Anyone Can Help Save a Life

The ERC Guidelines emphasise the importance of early CPR and early defibrillation by bystanders. Find out more about bystander CPR and the essential role of AEDs in public areas.

How a System Worked to Save a Life: The Survivor Story of Footballer Fabrice Muamba
Fabrice Muamba

Watch the video or listen to the podcast of Fabrice Muamba describing how he survived sudden cardiac arrest on the football field and learn how a complete system of caregiving personnel and equipment worked together to save his life.

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