Reliable Electrodes for EMS

CPR Stat-padz®
Designed for use with ZOLL®manual defibrillators, CPR Stat-padz enable Real CPR Help®, which conveys the depth and rate of compressions in real time; and See-Thru CPR®.

This fast, easy-to-use multi-function electrode is optimised for better skin coupling and to minimise dermal damage in emergency resuscitation situations.

OneStep™ Paediatric CPR electrodes
OneStep Paediatric CPR electrodes provide the only CPR support for children under 25kg, while also enabling defibrillation, pacing, and cardioversion.

ECG electrodes
ZOLL ECG electrodes offer stable and reliable ECG traces with low signal noise. The aggressive adhesive allows for excellent patient adherence and withstands difficult conditions found in emergency situations.

CPR Stat-padz enable rescuers to see the underlying electrical activity during compressions.

Types of Electrodes